5 things you should know before hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

How important is it to hire a commercial cleaning service that provides eco-friendly operations and works under professional standards? 
Commercial Cleaning Service

How important is it to hire a commercial cleaning service that provides eco-friendly operations and works under professional standards?

The answer is simple: It is extremely important for your overall brand/business reputation as well as safety.

Hiring a qualified commercial cleaning service for your business is something that should be taken very seriously by every owner or manager. The hiring process for your next cleaning company deserves an exhaustive review, since safety, effective cleanliness and reputation are always at stake.

For example, avoid hiring non-certified/untrained boom lift operators, you might face some real trouble. You don’t want any accidents caused by an untrained cleaning crew affecting your staff or your clients!

More than ever, businesses are leaning towards hiring certified & eco-friendly cleaning services. Not only does it represent a trend; it should also be a moral duty to do what we can to help the environment and address this critical stage of the global warming crisis.

Both consumers and businesses are extremely worried about the consequences of global warming and the environmental crisis. 

“A survey by the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) finds that Canadians are substantially impacted by climate change and global warming. “Overall, 88 per cent of Canadians report being adversely affected by climate change, including one in two (50 per cent) Canadians who report they have been impacted through changing weather patterns such as flooding, rising water levels, droughts, wildfires, storms and increased costs of home repairs or insurance costs. One in five Canadians (20 per cent) report they or their loved ones have been extremely impacted by climate change or global warming.” (Source: EnviromentalJournal.ca).”

Let’s be all a part of the solution. Here are five things you should know before hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business:


1: Eco-Friendly & Reduced Water Consumption

A good Commercial Cleaning Service should offer alternatives to conventional chemical-based cleaning products and reduce their water consumption. Toxic chemicals and allergens can cause severe damage to your staff and clients, depending on the nature of your business. Communicating your cleaning standards/methods to your clients could be an excellent idea to attract new clients to your business.

Also, a good cleaning company will use water wisely. Professional cleaning services should be mindful of how much water they’re using. Properly trained staff will deal efficiently with water consumption by using less H20 while achieving optimal results.


2: Certifications & Training:

Most businesses require cleaning services on a regular basis, such as Window Cleaning. Whether it is for a warehouse, restaurant, parking lot, television or film studio, there are safety standards that every cleaning company needs to abide by.

Your commercial Cleaning Service company should be trained and qualified for your cleaning needs. If you need your building envelope washed, a company with Fall Protection and Boom Lift certified technicians should be your team! For your office cleaning or recurring janitorial needs, you want WHMIS certified and COVID-19 trained technicians.  


3: Fair Pricing:

Usually, the size of your space and the amount of time it takes to clean will define the pricing. Sometimes it is better to have an onsite meeting in order to fully understand your cleaning needs, especially if your company has additional cleaning requirements you want to address. Experienced cleaning companies like 604 Clean It always deliver accurate and affordable prices. Choosing a company with several years of experience in the cleaning industry might be the key to receiving outstanding service for a competitive price.


4: Building long-term relationships

Hiring a reliable, professional and certified cleaning company is an asset for your business. Always procure a long-term relationship with your Cleaning Service provider so you can run your business with a complete peace of mind.  Last minute emergency calls are usually very expensive, and they might not meet your expectations. Let your trusted cleaning company save the day if that is your case!

Some of the key factors you should consider when choosing a cleaning company are: Safety protocols, Certifications, Training, Eco-Friendly alternatives, Pricing, and Water Consumption.


5: Experience

Understanding the logistics and workflow of your business means more safety, cost-effectiveness and better results. An experienced Cleaning Company like 604CleanIt (experts in Commercial, Film & Production Cleaning) is always ready to provide a wide portfolio of solutions for its clients. A trusted and skilled cleaning company will always save you time and money!


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