The Current Pandemic has Changed the Way Everyone Thinks About Cleaning

Protect your families, employees, and customers from viruses and effects of harsh chemicals. Our professional eco- disinfecting services offer green deep cleaning solutions with hospital grade disinfectants to make your home or business pathogen free with non-toxic eco-logo approved products.

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Sanitizing Surfaces

Surfaces create the second greatest threat for the transmission of viruses and harmful bacteria. Our eco-disinfecting treatments kill 99.99% of surface germs with our cleaning products and methods. Be rest assured that when our service is complete, all surfaces are disinfected and pathogen free, stopping the spread of infection.

Whether it’s your home or business, trust the professional team at 604CLEANIT.COM with all your eco-disinfecting needs.

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100% Eco-Friendly

At 604CLEANIT.COM, all our cleaning solutions are eco friendly, biodegradable, pet, human and ocean safe.

Our team of professionals believe in a truly sustainable cleaning industry. We use the most effective green cleaning aids and technologies to ensure that we are helping reduce the environmental and human health impact.

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Our Products

Whether it’s for film industry cleaning, commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, industrial cleaning or institutional cleaning, you require safe, first-rate eco-disinfecting cleaning products and solutions. Our specialized, green cleaning products will leave your home or business sparkling and deep-down disinfected.

At 604CLEANIT.COM, we use non-toxic, botanical based eco-logo approved cleaning products like Benefect. Proven to kill over 99.99% of harmful bacteria and pathogens, our clean green solutions kill harmful germs while keeping you, family, and the environment safe.

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Institutions We Serve

To help combat the current crisis, our professional post pandemic eco- disinfecting services are being used in institutions including shopping malls, schools, banks, retail facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, gyms, offices, and multi-residential buildings.

Our team of technicians are trained in best practices as outlined by our health officials. This helps to ensure that while providing you with the deep clean eco-disinfecting services you require, we are also doing our part to stop the spread of infection by using the appropriate PPE on all sites we service.

Why compromise on health and hygiene? At 604CLEANIT.COM, our team of expert cleaning heroes are ready to service all your building or operational cleaning needs.

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If you really want to get that truly deep-down clean, without the chemical overload from all those other cleaning products and services, nothing beats the power of probiotics.

For fresh fragrances and beneficial bacteria in your home and business, use 604CLEANIT.COM’s probiotic cleaning services today!

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