Looking for a Simple Solution for the Ultimate Clean?

Our professional probiotic fogging service is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Unlike conventional cleaning, fog machines disperse a misty blanket of eco-friendly disinfectants or probiotic cleaning products, zeroing in on even those hard to reach or often missed areas for a host of applications.

To reduce the spread of infection, eliminate harmful pathogens and leave your home or business microscopically clean, 604CLEANIT.COM’s probiotic fogging service is the fastest and most effective way to sanitize surfaces keeping your families and/or employees safe.

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Penetrate Hard to Reach Areas

Many traditional cleaning products can kill 99.99% of surface germs. But what about those areas you can’t see like underneath appliances or in the cracks and crevices in the home or office?

No matter how hard you try, nothing targets pathogens and bacteria like probiotic fogging. This misting process penetrates out-of-the-way hotspots, resulting in a widespread microscopic cleaning, leaving a long-lasting barrier to protect against viruses, bacteria or mold.

The team at 604CLEANIT.COM are qualified and experienced cleaning professionals, providing the ultimate in probiotic fogging services for a thorough microscopic deep cleaning.

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Quick and Easy

You lead a busy lifestyle. The last thing you want is to spend hours or even days disinfecting or cleaning your property. With our fast fogging cleaning method, you can have a decontaminated home or business in mere minutes.

At 604CLEANIT.COM, we understand how important time is to you. That’s why we provide fast fogging solutions that will not only sanitize your building, but also reduce the risk for spread of infectious diseases.

Let us take the burden of time-consuming cleaning off your hands so you can get back to what you enjoy most.

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100% Safe

Our foggers produce a fine mist of 100% safe, eco-friendly disinfectants or probiotic cleaning products, depending on the required application. Effectively sanitizing and controlling odour, the non-toxic products we use are biodegradable, pet and plant friendly, human and ocean safe.

Don’t want to compromise on safety and performance? With 604CLEANIT.COM’s worry-free fogging solutions, you get both.

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Facilities We Serve

Probiotic fogging or eco-disinfecting treatments can be used for a wide variety of industries and institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, dentist offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, gyms, residential properties, film industry productions and much much more.

Whether it’s for commercial, retail, hospitality, or healthcare, 604CLEANIT.COM is there for you. We offer probiotic fogging services for a host of applications, improving the quality of life for families, employees, patients, the general population and our planet at the same time.

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If you really want to get that truly deep-down clean, without the chemical overload from all those other cleaning products and services, nothing beats the power of probiotics.

For fresh fragrances and beneficial bacteria in your home and business, use 604CLEANIT.COM’s probiotic cleaning services today!

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