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Your home is your greatest asset, and we have all heard the saying “a healthy home is a happy home.” This applies to our families living inside and to the physical condition of the exterior of our homes. At Clean It, we specialize in maintaining the exterior of your home, so you don’t have to worry about it or risk it!



Clean It Services


Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services have a much greater purpose then just doing an exceptional job at providing you with clean and clear windows, the right team for the job identifies preventative maintenance issues and offers advice and/or an immediate solution to save you time and money.


Gutter Cleaning

We use the latest technology in gutter cleaning, such as the Gutter Vacuum system, to ensure the highest safety standards while providing you with measurable and real results that insure your gutters receive the highest quality of service and care. Whether it’s debris, build up or your homes health you have in mind, hiring Clean It’s professional team saves you time, risk and money.


Power Washing

Curb appeal was a key factor in the purchase of your home or the choice of location to for your business. Weather conditions, especially coastal, can leave your property looking well…. not so appealing. That’s why working with experienced professionals, with all the right equipment, safety practices and experience to take care of all your power washing needs is a great choice. Contact us for more details.


Rooftop Cleaning

Maintaining a healthy roof is essential to the long term value of your greatest asset, your home. The development of Lychen, moss and algae can lead to costly damages and sometime even the replacement of your roof. At Clean It, we use non-toxic, environmental friendly roof and siding cleaning products to ensure the health and safety of your family, plants and animals. Contact us for more details.

Clean Awning2

Awning Cleaning

Residential and commercial awnings can often be a great place to collect debris and develop not so nice to look at algae and moss. They are the welcome mat to your back yard bbq and business and how they look represents the environment guests or patrons share in. At Clean It we only use environmentally friendly, non toxic products to get your awnings looking great again. Please contact us for more details.


House Washing

We take care of your wood and concrete decks, side walks, driveways, siding and more when it comes to your house washing needs. Whether it is a clean and presentable exterior to your home or business, a health and safety concern from the development of moss, algae, and other health concerns or just apart of your yearly plan, we use the best and safest products and practices to deliver great service. Contact us for more details.

Annual Maintenance Program

Annual Maintenance programs are a great option for the proactive property owner looking to maintain the highest long term value on their property investment. At Clean It, we offer custom service packages of all shapes and sizes to meet our customers needs and expectations, ensuring that your investment is always looking and functioning at its best. Don’t worry, we also take care of all the booking and communication, saving you time. All you need do is respond with a simple click! Contact us for more details.

Why We Clean It



We promise to continuously invest in health and safety programs, practices and procedures, ensuring the highest quality of service is delivered in the safest possible way.


We promise to adhere to a standardized business model that is fair, balanced and consistent for both our clients needs and our companies future success in providing industry leading service.


We promise to always utilize eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products, practices and technologies while delivering the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.


We promise to actively contribute to the betterment of society daily by creating inclusion and opportunities for all individuals while maintaining consistency in our values and actions.

Clean It Maintenance Solutions has 5 Million Dollar in CGL Coverage, WCB, and will continue to invest in employee safety training and certification programs. For more info email us at at

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Fantastic job, I will definitely be calling 604 Clean It again! Windows and gutters are spotless, fits our needs perfectly. Clean It is the real deal!
- Eric Haniger, Burnaby - President & CEO
"I've been calling Andrew for years now and he always comes through. My property is left spotless every time. Keep up the good work!"
- Dwayne Gilcrest, Vancouver - Home Owner
"604 Clean It did an amazing job when we had an emergency spill. Andrew is reliable and always a pleasure to do business with!"
- Alfred Duvall, Project Manager - Richmond

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We care for Mother Nature as much as you do. That is why we are use only biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic products when providing our cleaning services. This ensures a healthy and safe environment for your family, guests, pets and plants.

To learn more about our exterior cleaning programs and products, annual maintenance packages, community commitment and employment opportunities, please email us at