Covid-19 Safety Plan

The health and safety of our employees is our utmost priority. Following the guidelines from WorkSafeBC and the B.C. Provincial Health Authority, we are taking steps to ensure a healthy and successful integration of employees in the workplace setting to ensure they and the space they are cleaning are safe.

As part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, we are implementing the following protocols and procedures, which must be followed by all employees. This COVID-19 Safety Plan will be amended as health and safety concerns are identified and remedied, or as further mandates are issued by the B.C. Provincial Health Officer.

Our Approach

Physical Distancing

Our crew will maintain a minimum 2 meters (6 feet) separation at all times where possible. We will follow the markings and signage at the site location that have been established to assist in maintaining separation.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All team members will wear a face covering (mask) while working indoors or outdoors. Personal Protective Equipment will also be worn if required.

Our team will use disposable non-medical face masks, sanitizer, face shields and nitrile gloves, and are fully trained on its proper usage and disposal method.


For all our Film Production jobs, all team members will be required to return a negative COVID test prior to the first day of work. Once initially tested, our team will continue to test on a weekly basis for the duration of the cleaning job if longer than one week. Testing takes place during work hours at a centralized location.

Exposure Limiting Behaviours

Our team will maintain exposure limiting behaviours at all times within the workplace including rigorous hand washing and hygiene, maintaining social distancing protocols, wearing masks, and monitoring for symptoms.

COVID Procedures for Film Production


All team members will partake in COVID-19 Awareness training via the Safe Sets International website. Our employees also have taken the CBS Viacom training material for CBS productions we work on, as well as the two E-learning training modules for productions. These courses emphasize the points covered in employee training and offer specific techniques to reduce exposure.

Health Screening

For jobs on production sites, our team completes a daily health screening questionnaire. This is done through the SiriusGo COVID-19 App or a Google form when not working on set. We may complete the questionnaire portion of the app prior to arrival on site; however, upon check in, the Health Officer, Screening Attendant or Shift Supervisor will take the temperature of all staff which is then inputted into the App. At this point, we submit our screening for the day for clearance to work. When cleared we will be issued a wristband that will certify your wellness. New wristbands will be issued each day.

Those working at prep sets, the construction shop or another centralized working location will be given instructions about where to check in on a daily basis prior to starting work.



Actsafe – BC Film & TV Safety Industry Association

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