About Us


604CLEANIT.COM A Motion Picture Cleaning Company™ is a Vancouver, B.C company on a mission to provide the most complete and outstanding Cleaning Services for the Film & Production Industry in British Columbia and Canada while maintaining consistency in our values and actions.

We specialize in Technical Cleaning for the Film & Production Industry, from Independent projects to Big Hollywood Productions.

604CLEANIT A Motion Picture Cleaning Company™ has $5 Million Dollars in CGL Coverage, WCB, and continues to invest in employee safety training & certification programs.

We Understand the logistics and Work Flow of the Film Production Industry and its need for Flexibility in an Ever-Changing Environment. We are a Company built on Inclusion and Diversity Values.

Our Promise


We promise to continuously invest in health and safety programs, practices and procedures, ensuring the highest quality of service is delivered in the safest possible way.


We promise to adhere to a standardized business model that is fair, balanced and consistent for both our clients needs and our companies future success in providing industry leading service.


We promise to always utilize eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products, practices and technologies while delivering the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.


We promise to actively contribute to the betterment of society daily by creating inclusion and opportunities for all individuals while maintaining consistency in our values and actions.

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